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DermaSculpt® blunt tipped cannulas (not sharp) slide under your skin so that the filler can be applied with practically no pain or bruising. A tiny acupuncture sized needle is used and a small amount of lidocaine (numbing) is injected at the cannula insertion site. The cannula is then inserted with no pain or discomfort to the client.

DermaSculpt® flexible cannula does not cut through vessels and tissues but rather navigates smoothly through the dermal layers of your skin. Because of the blunt tip, trauma to the skin is minimized, blood vessels are not pierced and over 90% of bruising and swelling is avoided. You will leave our office with little or no signs of injection trauma. Through the fanning technique and the length of the microcannula, very few entry points are needed in order to cover the entire face.

There also are strong reasons to believe that the mechanical action of the fanning method generates new collagen into the skin. We like to use this method for most Dermal Filler treatments.