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Weight Loss- Lipo MIC B12 Shots

Lipotropics are three amino acids that are essential for the health of your liver. Choline, Methione, and Inositol. Super Lip-B is a injection of those amino acids combined with vitamin B12.

What Does Lipotropic Mean?

The term “lipotropic” was first used in 1934 by scientists who were investigating fat metabolism in the liver. “Lipo” is derived from the Greek word, meaning “fat” and “tropic” meaning stimulate. In later years, the term lipotropic factor was used to describe a substance that “prevents or removes an accumulation of excess fat in the liver. “

What role do these three amino acids play in weight loss?

  • Methionine is an essential amino acid that plays an important role in metabolism
  • Inositol is a vitamin-like natural sugar related to the B vitamin family. Inositol works to regulate serotonin and insulin levels, often leading to reduced cravings, minimized hunger, and better moods.
  • Choline is an essential nutrient that is related to the B vitamins. It is responsible for reducing and metabolizing fat in the liver and gall bladder, sending them to the blood stream for the body to use and break down.
Weight Loss- Lipo MIC B12 Shots

How often do I need a Lipo MIC B12 shot?

You may be injected with Lipo MIC B12 weekly, until you reach your weight loss goal. The three amino acids in Lipo MIC B12 are substances found naturally in the body and are considered safe when taken via injection or mouth. Injection is the preferred method of administering MIC and it is then immediately bio-available going directly into your cells. Shots are administered to the arm and can be continued for the duration of your weight loss journey.

Side effects are rare.

Upset stomach and urinary problems: If you are not adequately hydrating, this fat-fighting cocktail can put a strain on the kidneys. This strain can lead to a stomach ache and possibly urinary problems. These side effects are temporary and will subside as you hydrate.

Exhaustion from Lipotropic injections: One of the ways that lipotropic injections help you lose weight and fat is by temporarily changing the function of the digestive system. By increasing your metabolism and efficiency of the digestive tract, your body is working at a higher level than usual. This increased workload can lead to extreme exhaustion in the period immediately following the injection.

Pain or tenderness at the injection spot: It is possible to experience some pain and tenderness at the point of injection. The pain tends to go away quite quickly. Please contact us if you are experiencing swelling, pain, and redness at the injection spot after a few days, as you may have a infection at the injection site.

**Receiving Lipo MIC B12 shots DOES NOT guarantee weight loss.
** Lipo MIC B12 shots are not to be used as an alternative to an active, healthy lifestyle, but as an aid to help promote and assist with health and weight loss goals.
** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Lipo MIC B12 shots are formulated the HEALTHY adult.
**None of the statements on Silver Solutions web site should be construed as dispensing medical advice, or making claims regarding treatment or cure of diseases.

Due to COVID-19, We are currently B12 Shots with an exiting service but not individually.
Thank you for your understanding.