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New space Pittsfield MA, in the Berkshires!

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Ok, I’ll admit it! I was a bit naïve thinking that converting a raw space into a beautiful office space, would be a piece of cake. I thought, how hard could it be? Put down a floor, build five walls, put up Himalayan Salt Walls, put in three sinks, furnish and stock, and boom, boom, boom, just like that it would be done. Not quite!

I’ve included some photos of the construction process.

My design team Pam and Tom Rich, of Paul Rich & Sons Furnishings in Pittsfield, are at this moment, sitting in chairs, looking at tables and picking wall colors. Pam introduced me to Philip Bastow who created all the custom furniture for Hotel on North. One week later, he had designs for my waiting room. The coffee/tea bar, tulip tables and a side bar for office info. Metal and wood, gorgeous! Dave of Berkshire Fabric & Wallpaper has the shades ready and waiting for hanging.

You can follow the building progress on Instagram @silversolutionsglow
or like my Facebook page silversolutionsglow

So much more news to come.
In the meantime, its starting to feel like spring!