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Kybella Aftercare

After Care for Kybella®

  • Your neck will immediately feel hot and start to swell
  • Skin will look red and swelling can be quite sizable. Think bullfrog or pelican swallowing fish!) This is NORMAL. Swelling means that fat cells are breaking apart and fat cells will dissolve as swelling subsides. Average time for swelling is 11 days.
  • You will feel NUMB at injection site. This is NORMAL.
  • You may BRUISE at injection site. This is NORMAL.
  • Most people feel no pain after treatment.
  • Use ice packs as needed for comfort. NEVER keep ice on for more than 5 minutes. Cover ice packs with a cold, damp cloth or a cold, wet paper towel. Do NOT put ice packs directly on the skin. Most people do not need ice applied to treatment area after they leave our office.
  • If you feel pain you can take Advil 400mg every 4-6 hours.
  • You may take Arnica SL two pellets under the tongue, every 2 hours while awake. Continue for 2-3 days after treatment to heal and/or prevent bruising.
  • Do not massage injection site. We will discuss massage at your 2 week follow-up.
  • Do not exercise day of the treatment.
  • You may perform daily activities as tolerated the day AFTER your treatment.