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Juvederm SKINVIVE Microdroplet Glow Treatment

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New Treatment Alert!

There is a new category of injectables in town, one that has found a surprising ally in the field of molecular biology: a cellular protein called aquaporins!

Juvederm SkinVive has set the aesthetic industry abuzz as the first and only hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable to enhance skin quality acting subtly and naturally like a moisturizer from within the skin. SkinVive is NOT a filler! SkinVive will not add volume to or change the contours of the face. SkinVive boosts skin moisture levels to add hydration and create smoothness! While this category of injectables has been available internationally for quite some time, it is now stateside!

The Science of Skin Hydration

At the core of supple, vibrant skin is proper hydration. While creams and serums can provide temporary relief from dehydration, true hydration occurs at the cellular level – and that’s where SkinVive comes in. By facilitating the transport of water molecules across cell membranes, SkinVive ensures that skin cells receive the hydration they need to maintain elasticity, resilience, and a healthy glow.

Cheeks Treatment with SKINVIVE

How does SkinVive work?

Let’s delve into a new word in skincare, Aquaporins. The story of aquaporins began in 1992 when Dr. Peter Agre and his team discovered the first aquaporin, earning him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003. Aquaporins are proteins in your cells that have a unique hourglass shape with a narrow pore in the middle, allowing water molecules to flow in and out of the cells! SkinVive boosts the production of Aquaporins, which in turn, will increase water balance and flow into your dermis creating restorative hydration.

Aquaporins and the Skin Barrier
The skins’ barrier function is crucial for retaining moisture and protecting against external aggressors. Research has shown the aquaporins play a significant role in skin barrier integrity and repair. SkinVive specifically targets aquaporin AQP3, which is the most abundant aquaporin in the human skin and is directly involved in drawing moisture into the skin and retaining it, thus enhancing the skin’s barrier properties.

Who can benefit from SkinVive Treatments?

Anyone with skin! But seriously, as skin ages, the expression and efficiency of aquaporins can decrease, leading to drier, less elastic skin. Juvederm SkinVive injectable has created a way to upregulate aquaporins as part of anti-aging strategies. By promoting aquaporin activity, this therapy aims to restore the skin’s youthful hydration mechanism, reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture and firmness.

Those who live in low humidity weather or suffer from dry skin in the winter would benefit from this new type of injectable skin booster.

The Treatment

We suggest you come to your SkinVive appointment with clean skin, no makeup. We will cleanse your skin with an antibacterial wash, and draw a grid consisting of 1cm squares on the area to be treated, usually from the height of the cheek bone, to just above the jawline. Then, tiny micro-droplets of SkinVive are injected just below the dermis in the center of each 1cm square. We use a very tiny needle, and most people rate treatment discomfort at a 2-3 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most uncomfortable. Numbing cream is always available, as well numbing the skin with and/or using a vibrational distraction device.

Slight bumps at injection sites may be visible immediately after treatment and bruising may occur. Swelling can occur and is usually mild. We will massage any visible bumps of SkinVive to flatten before you leave your appointment.


Minimize touching the skin for the next four hours. Try to keep the hair off your face. We will clean your cell phone with an alcohol wipe before you leave. After four hours, if you feel or see any SkinVive bumps, we encourage you to massage them flat. Most people experience minimal discomfort after a SkinVive treatment. If you are uncomfortable, icing the areas injected as well as taking an analgesic such as Tylenol can help.

When will I see the Results?

You will be able to notice enhancements to your skin just a few weeks after your first SkinVive treatment. Retreatment is advised at 6-month intervals.

Call to schedule your SkinVive treatment today!

To see if you are a good candidate for SkinVive you will be sent a link to our website and complete a contraindication form. Once filled out, this form will auto send back to our office and we will contact you to schedule your appointment.