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COVID-19 Office Visit Policy & Procedures

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COVID-19 Screening/Office Visit Policy and Procedures

Before your appointment:

  1. You must follow website link at COVID-19 Risk Informed Consent to DocuSign COVID-19 Informed Consent and Treatment Consent
  2. You will not be able to sign these in the office, so please sign before you arrive or you will not be treated or allowed to enter the office. For questions regarding these consents please text the office.

Appointment/What to expect:

  1. Please arrive on time for your appointment, or we will need to reschedule you (no exceptions) For your safety, we have scheduled time between patients to sterilize treatment rooms.
  2. When you park your vehicle, please text the office, 413-441-8453, to let us know you are here
  3. Please wait in your vehicle, until you receive a text from the office letting you know we are ready for you.
  4. All patients must arrive to their appointment with clean skin (NO MAKE-UP) and must be wearing a clean mask. (No exceptions, you will not be able to wash your makeup off in the bathroom and we will not treat you if you are wearing make up)
  5. If you are getting lip filler, we will give you a clean disposable mask to put on AFTER your treatment.
  6. You will be met at the door by your provider who will be wearing gloves, eye protection and a mask. Depending on the nature of your visit, your provider may be wearing additional protective gear, such as N95 mask, gown and face shield)
  7. You will see ten questions taped to the glass door entrance. If you can answer no to all questions you will be allowed to enter office hallway. ie: Do you have a cough? Fever? Have you had known contact with a COVID positive person within the last 14 days, etc.
  8. Once you enter your temperature will be taken.
  9. You will receive hand sanitizer at entrance to office,
  10. You will be brought directly into the treatment room. In the future, we will reopen our waiting room with social distancing seating.
  11. If you have decided upon treatment via video conference your provider will have treatment supplies (i.e. Botox units in syringes) ready, for treatment decided upon and paid for during video consultation.
  12. Appointment will be preformed in timely manor with minimal contact required.
  13. Any follow ups required can be done in-office or via video conference

Scheduling a appointment:

Please call or text the office to schedule an appointment 413-441-8453.

All clients must have a credit card on file. There is a $100 no-show fee. Two days before your appointment you will receive a text reminder of date and time. Your card will NOT be charged unless you are a no-show. No-show fees are non-refundable.  *Additional 3% will be added to your bill for credit card manual entry.

  1. *If numbing cream is required, there is a $36 charge for your own personal tube of cream. No sharing. Numbing cream can be mailed to you before appointment.
  2. Please understand that we are not raising our treatment prices even though we have made a large investment in required Personal Protective Equipment and sanitary supplies to keep you and our providers/staff safe.
  4. The procedures above are in place to minimize your exposure and your providers/staff exposure to possible virus infection.

How we protect you and you protect us:

  1. Please follow required guidelines above
  2. Provider will be wearing appropriate PPE
  3. Aerus ultra-violet air filtration system will be present in room
  4. Between appointments, treatment room will be sanitized with CaviWipes hospital grade anti-virucidal
  5. Room will be exposed to strong UV lights for 15 minutes before your appointment
  6. All common touch areas and surfaces, ie: door handles, bathroom with be sanitized with CaviWipes after each appointment
  7. Please know that we are doing everything we can to minimize your exposure and our exposure to viral infection while receiving these elective treatments and procedures, but this does not make us or you immune from contacting this highly contagious viral infection, COVID-19