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How to Stimulate Collagen, the Holy Grail of Aging With Grace

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How to Stimulate Collagen, the Holy Grail of Aging With GraceRead on! Biostimulants-Sculptra, Radiesse, PRP, PRFM

Spring is here and we are all feeling the sense of renewal and growth that is so beautifully displayed by the natural world around us.  Birds are chirping and flowers are blossoming.  Grass is growing and we are tending to our gardens.  What better time to talk about biostimulants? Biostimulants have become the new aesthetic buzzword.  But what are they? Well, just as the word suggests, a biostimulant is a substance which encourages growth and proliferation.  Biostimulants exist in the world of plants and in the world of humans. In the world of aesthetics we use many different substances which are considered biostimulants such as Radiesse and Sculptra.  We even have the ability to use our own platelets (PRP/PRFM) to stimulate growth.

Just like adding seaweed extract (a common plant biostimulant) to water will cause grass seeds to flourish, human biostimulants such as Sculptra, Radiesse, and PRP can help collagen grow.  Picture a patch of dirt on your lawn that used to be lush green grass.  Want more grass?  Spread some seed gently in the dirt, add a biostimulant, sprinkle with water, and let nature do the rest.

There would be no Spring without Autumn.

Perhaps you are wondering, why do we care so much about collagen? If you haven’t heard yet, collagen is the Holy Grail of aging with grace. It is the magic protein that keeps us looking vibrant and refreshed. Think of collagen as the scaffolding of the face. It gives structure and elasticity to our skin which contributes to a youthful appearance and helps to fight against gravity and wrinkles. Unfortunately, much like grass and spring flowers, the collagen in our skin has a limited and fragile lifespan. Internal and external factors such as sun exposure, smoking, aging, and genetics contribute to its decline. It may shock and sadden you to hear that starting at the age of 20, you lose 1% of your collagen per year. But fret not, much like regrowing grass, we have the power of biostimulants to help us regrow our own collagen. Think Spring!

How does your garden grow?

Biostimulants such as Sculptra and Radiesse are man made substances which are injected via needle or cannula under the surface of the skin. They help restore volume and improve the quality of the skin by stimulating the body to produce its own collagen. They are reconstituted in a sterile water solution prior to being injected. Because of this, there is a temporary plumping effect until the volume is absorbed. The long lasting effects occur slowly as the natural process of collagen production begins. These results can last 12- 24 months and require annual maintenance.

Sculptra Before and After 25 Months

Biostimulants instead of fillers? Or is the answer both?

The answer is either or both depending on your assessment and your goals. Because we are each individuals, an individualized assessment is the best way for us to determine what is right for you. That being said, the most common answer is both! Think of your face like a beautifully decorated cake (here we go with the analogies again). The frosting covers the whole cake creating a smooth surface. This is what your biostimulant does! It creates the foundation that we need so we can add delicate and detailed decorations on top. The detailed decorations are achieved with our facial fillers (lip plumps, cheek pops, and chin and jaw shadowing and definition). Sound like a match made in heaven? Like cake and ice cream!

The Nitty Gritty

Biostimulants are becoming increasingly popular as they are being recognized for their anti-aging properties and natural results. They fit seamlessly into any aesthetic regimen that includes fillers, neurotoxins, lasers, medical grade skincare and facials. Risks, contraindications, and side effects are similar to those of facial fillers. Downtime is minimal and the most common side effects are swelling and bruising. Lidocaine is mixed with the biostimulant and the injections themselves cause very little pain. Pricing and volume needed will be determined by your provider during your consultation. So go ahead and make that appointment! Spring is here and the sun is shining. What better time to start nourishing and propagating the seeds of youthful skin?

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