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SkinPen Aftercare

Pre-Procedure Instructions & Precautions Avoid sun exposure/burns twenty-four (24) hours prior to treatment. Discontinue use of retinoids twelve (12) hours prior to treatment. You should not have an active breakout, active cold sores, or open lesions. If this occurs, your medical microneedling treatment should be rescheduled. Allow at least (twelve) 12 hours after autoimmune therapies before having a medical microneedling treatment. Wait six (6) months following isotretinoin (Accutane) use. Skin types Fitzpatrick IV-VI, pigment may darken prior to lightening. Wait at least forty-eight (48) hours before or after Botox treatment to have medical microneedling treatment. Wait at least one (1) week before...

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Kybella Aftercare

After Care for Kybella® Your neck will immediately feel hot and start to swell Skin will look red and swelling can be quite sizable. Think bullfrog or pelican swallowing fish!) This is NORMAL. Swelling means that fat cells are breaking apart and fat cells will dissolve as swelling subsides. Average time for swelling is 11 days. You will feel NUMB at injection site. This is NORMAL. You may BRUISE at injection site. This is NORMAL. Most people feel no pain after treatment. Use ice packs as needed for comfort. NEVER keep ice on for more than 5 minutes. Cover ice packs with a cold, damp cloth or a cold,...

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Neurotoxins and Dermal Filler Aftercare

Silver Solutions is NOT an emergency clinic. If you feel like you are having the following, please seek treatment If you feel like you are having a life threatening reaction, please call 911 If you have blanching (mottled white skin), numbness, skin cold to touch, extreme pain, extreme swelling, blurry vision, go to local urgent care or emergency room ASAP (tell them what treatments you have had) For questions NOT requiring urgent response, please call Silver Solutions. We will return your call as soon as possible.

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Silver Solutions MedSpa: Our New Office is Open!

Silver Solutions office space located at 75 North St., Pittsfield, Ma is now open for business.

Silver Solutions new office space at 75 North St., Pittsfield, is now open for business, as of  Monday, Aug 6! It’s been a long time coming! We are still accessorizing, creating signage, printing materials and adding staff.  Take a look below and see why I am smiling! Come on by for a visit! Hope you are all […]

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New space Pittsfield MA, in the Berkshires!

Ok, I’ll admit it! I was a bit naïve thinking that converting a raw space into a beautiful office space, would be a piece of cake. I thought, how hard could it be? Put down a floor, build five walls, put up Himalayan Salt Walls, put in three sinks, furnish and stock, and boom, boom, boom, just like that it would be done. Not quite! I’ve included some photos of the construction process. My design team Pam and Tom Rich, of Paul Rich & Sons Furnishings in Pittsfield, are at this moment, sitting in chairs, looking at tables and picking...

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